At Beyond Lashley Lane, you’ll find plain talk about life from a Christian perspective woven together with humor and sincerity, occasional tough topics, and an honest attempt at simple wisdom.

Why Lashley Lane?

Sweet little Lashley Lane. The street where I started out life in Boulder, Colorado. Houses were and still are simple. The view astounding. My parents bought that unassuming house brand new in 1956. The mountain view is still mighty but the neighborhood’s not quite so sweet anymore and that’s putting it kindly. They tore down my school.

Lashley Lane, or parts of it, has been a pen name of mine over the years in various publications. I treasured my life on that little street. I was safe and cherished and nurtured. We are way Beyond that now but the imprint of those early years is indelible. It’s my time to share some of that influence with others.

I’ll be telling real-life stories and musing about this and that but never telling ON folks. I remain ever loyal to the ideal of family and friends being redeemable just as you and I are redeemable. You’ll just have to trust me with occasional details. Above all, please realize my Christian point of view. I can only hope it will be obvious.

You’ll also have opportunity in the Topic Suggestions to voice an opinion on what you’d like me to talk about. Please do so if you like.

May you feel joy and a boost of encouragement.

Thank you for reading. I will enjoy writing it.