Belly Up

The 10-year old computer has gone belly up. I am plunking this out on my phone in the app which I do not trust as far as I can throw it. And so, dear brethren, we temporarily suspend operations until a new computer drops out of the sky. There are still some pretty fun posts … Continue reading Belly Up

One Thread

Written in black sharpie on the back inside cover of my 8th grade yearbook is this: I have tears in my earsfrom lying on my back in my bedwhile I cry over you. Now if those words are not poetry I do not know what is. And ohhh, I loved the boy who wrote them. … Continue reading One Thread

A Twist — Not a Knot

Confession time. Since the stay-at-home order I've been cross stitching like a mad man. I'm not sure exactly how many mad men actually cross stitch, but you get the idea. It's a little weird. I've read about so many folks taking care of their families in such admirable, practical ways -- canning, baking, sewing, hunting, … Continue reading A Twist — Not a Knot

Real Estate Bird

Right in the middle of writing a different blog post (a pretty dreary and potentially depressing one) I thought, "Hey, let's lighten things up a bit." We'll start with the basics. Parakeets can talk. And fly. Twelve-year old girls aren't always smart. But they mean well. The summer of 1974 was monumental. We, our giant … Continue reading Real Estate Bird

Al and Ruth

Once upon a time, decades ago, there was a church. Not small or large. An in-between church. It was straining within the era in which it existed, seeking to communicate love and Good News as it always had, yet trying to speak it and sing it in a way that was possibly uncomfortable to the … Continue reading Al and Ruth

Peace, Friends

Unusual days call for an unusual post. Most likely you are reading this from your home. Good. If you find yourself in one of the "hot spots" here in the United States and the news keeps getting worse, more intense, more foreboding, please know that there is at least one person sitting at a desk … Continue reading Peace, Friends


The last couple of weeks remind me of the day I got into someone else's car and tried to start it. The ignition was in the wrong place. The seat wasn't adjusted to the way I always had it set. Someone had changed the color of the upholstery and it smelled funny in there. When … Continue reading Disoriented

It’s That Time

Today I realized I've known my mother-in-law the same number of years that I knew my mother and my first reaction was that I didn't want my mother to feel bad about that. My second reaction was to look around and see if there were any witnesses to the first reaction. 38 That's the number. … Continue reading It’s That Time